Your Guard

Everyone has a right to be protected from breathing viruses—humans! It is the same with the computer. Sometimes, we put date and files on our computer thinking these will stay there forever. We even put many private information and important data on our disk and drives. We think we are keeping them. Then one day, you visit your drive and saw that the business documents were all gone! ‘Oh no…How could this be?’—corrupted? Perhaps! See, this is one of the major problems of computer and internet users. This is why Jetico Inc. developed BestCrypt NP Data Protection System. How would have this? You do not need to think much.

Just go to BestCrypt NP and enter the correct password. Afterwards, access and use of the encrypted date will work for you in any application.

There is no need to do further actions to keep new data in the secure encrypted form.

This is it! You can now enjoy the right of your commercial record and private information to be secured. Wherever you go, wherever you stay, you will have the most convenient feeling.

This one is most needed by business people, scholars and researchers. There are times that people would have to submit documents to their respective authorities. To be assured that you will have something to show at the appointed time, you must check out whether you are protected or not. Otherwise, you will be helpless in front of many authorities. BestCrypt NP Data Protection System is no doubt a great help to you!