A guide to hacking you are free to learn

Hackers are very many in our times. They can be the ones who just hack to reveal that there is a flow in the system of the one they are hacking. They can hack the government websites so that they want to reveal at what part it is susceptible to danger as it concerns sensitive information. Government has the responsibility to protect the people of the nation so it is really needed to have a good security in any aspect.

Hacking can also be negative because the hackers use the information they gained to gain profit. As information is not easily shared, they just hack it and they can transfer large amount of money from one bank to another. Hacking can be profitable sot they made it as there work. They are the bad guys that should be catches by the law but why then we are featuring about learning how to hack. Because nowadays it is necessary to have much knowledge so that you too can know if someone is hacking you and can protect yourself. If you know how they do then you can also learn how to prevent it.

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