Muzzle Velocity and Truster

Muzzle Velocity

Muzzle Velocity is almost a real battle game. Enjoy playing in the hills, mountains, fields, oceans. Muzzle Velocity will let you experience the real-time interactive environment so that you can experience the feeling that you are in a battle field and that you have to win in the battle or else..oops! This real-time battle game includes Panther, Sherman, Tiger, Comet. You can imagine that you are joining in the battle of WWIII.


Makh-Shevet released a voice analyser, Truster. This is so amazing! So this is applied in a phone conversation where you do not see each other’s face. Of course, when conversing personaaly, you can directly see the emotion of a person. In online conversation, you can not. However, a voice analyser can do that for you especially if you are not a sensitive type of a person.

Truster uses algorithms to detect deceptions over online conversation. The truth will be revealed by this software messaging you on the screen:  ‘Telling the Truth’, ‘High Level of Excitement’, ‘Confused, Subject is Not Sure’, ‘He/She is Exaggerating’, ‘Being Sarcastic’, ‘Inaccurate’ or ‘False Statement’. How good is it if this tool is analysing the truth. Using this app must be very fun. Imagine that? How can you ever say if a person is lying, deceiving you or not? But please, think that this software is analysing the voice, not the brain. So it is all up to your conscience how you will respond to the answer of the machine. You got the point? If the message says, ‘being sarcastic’, the machine analysed the voice, not the mind. The point is that the emotion is still in the brain and sometimes it is not expressed through our voice.