Tips to Secure Your Computer System

Tips to Secure Your Computer System

With so many mess around the global internet, you have to secure your files, identity and many things you want to hide. Here are some tips to secure your system.

You should have a windows firewall. This will help your disks and drives to be protected. Attackers of the system will come into the computer.

For online accounts, passwords must be very secured. Whenever you make a password for any account, they system would always say, ‘password is weak, or password is strong, or very strong’.


You can notice that very strong passwords are those that are long with a combination of numbers symbols and letters. This kind of password will not be easily hacked by hackers. Another thing is that your passwords and every account if possible would be different. Do not use the same password for all accounts that you have nor reuse previous passwords.

Always use anti-virus software. Antivirus will help your documents not to be disrupted or wiped out suddenly when you desperately need them.


Always be encrypted. When you are encrypted, the files that you have will likely be secured from hijackers, attackers, hackers and many more. For best results, use BestCrypt that was developed by the Jetico Inc.

Turn off History Recording. There are search engines that track web or search history. In this way, many people will use the search history in order to track passwords and history records. There are things that you can do more besides these. Just warning you how you can be secured.