Why are There Many Hackers?

Now, the internet world is governed by many different people around the world. This is why there are many threats to the security of our personal, commercial and business information. This is why because of this, somehow it is threatening to ne engaging in online bank accounts, credit account and the like. There was a time that the Yahoo was hacked and many users were in trouble. How painful it is for a business to be hacked? Now, why do people hack?

People think that they are very knowledgeable so in order to boast about that, they hack and gets into computer systems. People who do these are those who have nothing to do in their life. They think that internet is a playground for them. So in most cases, people who are doing this are those childish ones. (old or young).

People want to steal money. When a robber wants to steal, what does he do? He barges into business office and houses.

Like this, people barge online in order to steal bank accounts, credit accounts, business accounts so that they could know how they would get money.

People want to exploit your identity. Why would people exploit your identity? Why not if you are a very good prey in their sight? They exploit the identity of business people and do not consider the people around them. If they think, they want to disrupt a business, they will simply do it without any hesitation. While computers are made for the convenience, they are making it a dark place.